Our Holiday Photos!

OK, so here’s the thing…. it was a PERFECT day to take photos. It has snowed five inches the night before, it was perfectly cloudy and a light snow was falling and there was NO ONE ELSE around. The snow was untouched, unmarred, ripe and ready for us to unleash our toddler and her curls and this adorable (fashion over function!) outfit.

And it was all going SO well. She was having a blast, my (incredibly patient and understanding) husband was everywhere I needed him and wrangling our girl like a champ. We were letting her explore and roll around and fall and right herself because EXPLORING and I was feeling admittedly like a Supermama. And then we got back to the car, ready to strip miss Laidey out of her soaking wet outfit and in to her warm cozies for the ride home…. And my guy is frantically patting his pockets.

He’d lost the keys.

In the snow. In the reeds. In the perfectly picturesque ABANDONED barn. On a day where there was no one else around to rescue us….

2 hours, one incredibly generous neighbor, one tow truck and one screaming freezing toddler later we had made it home and all I could think was “Please, PLEASE let us have some awesome photos to show for this day….”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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