[Interested in scheduling a session? Reach me and find out more through my website: JPetersenphotography.com]

My name is Jenny, and I adore making photographs. Quite simply, I find such honor and joy in being invited into a family’s bubble and experiencing their particular brand of love. The silliness, the playful expressions, and the quiet moments in between all of the craziness inspire me to be a better mom, better wife, and better photographer.

​If I could have one wish, it would be to help other parents who are at a loss for how to describe just how desperately they love their families express themselves with the aid of my camera. What I crave is to see the honesty, the raw and real moments that make up our every day and can, in an instant, bring us back to that feeling in our guts that this right here, right now, is my family, and look how beautiful.


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